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Back Environment The News Environmental Industry welcomes representation on Defras red tape challenge sounding board

Environmental Industry welcomes representation on Defras red tape challenge sounding board

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 – But warns of Environmental Protection

 The Environmental Industries Commission’s (1) Executive Chair, Adrian Wilkes, welcomes the formation of, and his appointment to, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affair’s "Red Tape Challenge Sounding Board" (2).

 As part of the Government’s Red Tape Challenge to ease the burden placed on business, 278 environmental regulations have up for up for review. This review begins on 1st September 2011, and Defra have formed a ‘Sounding Board’ of key industry figures in the run-up to its launch. Other Members include the CBI, NFU and various NGOs.

 Commenting on the Challenge, and his appointment to the Defra Sounding Board, Adrian Wilkes said:

“The EIC very much welcomes the formation of the "Red Tape Challenge Sounding Board" to fully assess the need for cutting any existing environmental protection regulations.

 “The EIC has never been a friend of red tape or unnecessary administrative burdens on business, but environmental protection is, as the Chancellor George Osborne recently acknowledged, a market failure – and Government must intervene to put a price on pollution either through regulation or fiscal measures.

 “Against the backdrop of this market failure, the Red Tape Challenge poses a potentially serious threat if it simply looks at costs to polluters and not at the wider economic benefits. The threat is not only to the future health of our environment, but also to the future health of the green economy – a vital pillar in the Government’s plans for the UK’s financial recovery.

 “My appointment, as representative of the UK’s environmental technology and services sector, is heartening. It is important that the Government listens to a wide-range of interests – not just the de-regulatory lobby – and it seems they are doing just that. I will be seeking to ensure that the focus of this exercise is about reducing the administrative burden on business in ways that do not undermine positive environmental outcomes or the demand for our industry’s technologies and services. EIC’s members are the green economy – it is vital that those regulations that underpin their businesses, and the high environmental standards we have come to expect, are not put at risk.”



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