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ERIC allows energy customers access to more accurate billing

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 In the current economic climate, British Gas is aware that the top priority for businesses is to save money by ensuring they have a firm handle on their costs. We understand that this is a tricky environment to navigate - alongside volatile energy prices, pressure is on to make serious cuts in carbon emissions - in part through having a clearer handle on their energy usage

This is why British Gas has launched ERIC (Electronic Read Information Capture) - a meter read prompt tool – giving customers greater bill accuracy and reducing the hassle factor (via removing the need to estimate a bill in the absence of a meter reader), thereby freeing up time for customers to spend on other areas of their business


Through ERIC, customers sign up to an email reminder service which prompts them to submit regular, accurate reads, allowing them to manage their bills at their own convenience. We realise energy costs have often been a ‘black hole’ and so this now means customers will only ever be billed for the energy used and will avoid being over / under charged as a result of estimated billing – further allowing them to control their costs. Last month, over 150,000 emails, text messages and letters were sent to customers requesting readings, allowing businesses to keep on top of their bills

ERIC is an addition to the iphone app which also allows customers to submit meter readings

Marc England, Director of Small Enterprises and Operations says: “The launch of ERIC, our meter read prompt tool, is British Gas’ most recent customer-focussed development. We know that our customers want hassle-free bill estimations and meter readings, and through this reminder service, we have now created a service that makes businesses’ lives easier.”