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Severe weather warning for winter 2011-12

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A UK-based long range weather forecaster has released a statement warning of severe winter weather for 2011-2012. The advisory has been issued following one of the harshest winters experienced in Ireland and Britain more than 45 years.

Meteorologist James Madden of Exacta Weather correctly predicted the cold conditions experienced over the previous two years, and is once again forecasting record breaking snowfall and drastically low temperatures between November and January.

 Madden speaks on the Exacta Weather website: “Periods of low solar activity and what we have seen in recent years have influenced the Earth’s atmosphere by allowing the stratosphere to cool. This has a somewhat more profound effect over Northern Europe and the UK in terms of colder and snowier winters, due to jet stream patterns that block warm air from reaching us and create more moisture.”

 “Confirmation that the coming winter will indeed be a cold one,” says Solarwall director Sue Lamb, “should be a concern for everybody, especially due to the recent fuel price increases. Time is now running out for people to improve their home’s thermal efficiency and to ensure that this winter doesn’t bankrupt them!”

 The Energy Centre, a multi-award winning educational resource based at Solarwall’s head office in Clifton, York, is striving to provide useful and real-world advice for energy-conscious homeowners in the Yorkshire and Humber area to help them combat increasing fuel bills. It provides money-saving solutions such as loft and cavity wall insulation, as well as renewable technologies such as solar electricity and air source heat pumps.

 Sue continues: “Winter can often be a frightening and depressing time for those that have difficulty heating their homes. Deliveries of oil and other essentials can be delayed and disrupted and fuel poverty is a very real and unfortunately growing problem. But it needn’t be this way. We can now all make our homes energy efficient – even generate our own heating and electricity.”

 New research has revealed that if every household in Britain that could install cavity wall insulation did so, the nation would save over £800 million per year and slash CO2 emissions by around 4.6 million tonnes. That’s enough CO2 to fill 26 million double-decker buses. For many people insulation can even be supplied completely free of charge. Also, thanks to government schemes such as the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), installers of renewable technology can actually earn a tax-free income.

 “Pick up the phone and call us, or pop in to The Energy Centre and speak to one of our energy experts. We can help you prepare for what promises to be a difficult winter – and maybe set you onto the course of greater independence from fuel dictators.”

 Call The Energy Centre on 0500 127 005, view Solarwall’s website at or visit them at ‘The Energy Centre’, Green Lane Trading Estate, Clifton, York, YO30 5PY.