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ACE welcomes measured UK response to Fukushima

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The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has welcomed the final report of HM Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations into the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.  Dr Mike Weightman concluded that there are no serious weaknesses in the UK’s regulatory approach.  Dr Weightman also stated that the industry and others had responded constructively to the interim report in March, demonstrating an on-going commitment to continuous improvement.

Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, ACE chief executive, said: “We welcome Dr Weightman’s report.  The UK has taken a sensible approach to evaluating the implications of the disaster in Japan for the UK nuclear sector.  A knee-jerk response from UK authorities would have been exceptionally damaging to the UK’s prospects for attracting investment and meeting our energy needs and carbon reduction obligations.

“The industry is committed to continually improving the way it operates.  Engineers will play a key role in ensuring that the UK nuclear sector is a world leader.”
Dr Weightman’s report makes a number of recommendations for the UK nuclear industry and others to take account of.  A further report will be published in 2012, which will give an update on progress made by the industry in implementing the lessons identified.