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Eco-inventor Ed Douglas Miller gives away £1000’s on Secret Millionaire

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The popular documentary has returned for a brand new series as more wealthy philanthropists seek to change the lives of others for the better.

Hugely successful eco-inventor and businessman Ed Douglas Miller has a unique mission in life: to educate Britain to be more environmentally responsible by using UK manufactured and UK recycled, funky and innovative every day eco-products. His eco-manufacturing and retail business Remarkable does just that; and is built on the success of years of new inventions and quirky designs.

Now, at the age of 45, having spent 15 years driving his own business with passion and pioneering spirit, Ed is about to give away thousands of pounds of his own money as he embarks on a new challenge as a Secret Millionaire. Ed leaves behind his family and his home to travel to Norwich for episode 3 of the Channel 4 programme now airing on Sundays at 9pm.

During his time undercover, Ed lived on job seekers allowance in one of the most deprived areas of Norfolk, with high levels of poverty, hardship and unemployment. He goes on a very personal journey to meet people who need his help.

All of the people Ed met have told their own story of courage and triumph over tragedy. The whole experience was an incredibly emotional journey leaving a very real feeling that these events could happen to anyone of us at any time.

Ed said, “The people who I met whilst filming the show have truly inspired and amazed me. The wonderful volunteers, who are giving their time and their money selflessly to help others, are all people that Britain should be extremely proud of. I am in awe of their never ending energy and determination – they truly are remarkable people.”
Ed met extraordinarily brave people through three charities working locally:

Hana’s Gift

The loss of a child is hard enough to cope with, but then being unable to afford to bury your child properly with a head stone, providing recognition and a fitting place to mourn their loss is tragic. To then go on and set up a charity, Hana’s Gift, to help others and deal with their loss on a daily basis requires a very special person. Ed met one amazing and inspiring woman who did just this.

Founder of Hana’s Gift, Karen Murray-Tye, said: "It is so difficult, when running a charity of this nature, to gain support and also to raise awareness both of the reason the charity exists and also of the fact that help is available. Hana's Gift, founded in memory of my daughter Hana who was sadly born sleeping, offers funding to parents in Norfolk who suffer the heartache of losing a baby through late miscarriage, stillbirth or during the first year after birth, and need financial assistance to give their baby the memorial they so deserve. Thanks to Ed, we have managed to tell many more people about our mission through the Secret Millionaire programme and hopefully we will be able to reach families who really need our help."

Motor Neuron Disease Association

The unbelievable horror of three members of one family having been struck down by Motor Neurons Disease is hard for anyone to imagine. However Ed witnessed the bravery of the one survivor from this family who nursed his own mum and brother, before coming to terms with their loss as the disease took a slow but inevitable grip on him as well. After the initial eight days of filming Ed went on to run the Great North Run to raise significantly more funds for Motor Neuron Disease Association (MNDA).

Dr Kirstine Knox, chief executive of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, said: “Raising awareness of motor neurone disease (MND) is incredibly important to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and our supporters as this little-understood disease can have devastating far-reaching consequences.

“Thanks to Ed, the viewers of The Secret Millionaire will become aware of the realities of MND and what it means for those who are living with this fatal disease. We have been struck by the passion and compassion that Ed has shown in his desire to help raise awareness of MND and we cannot thank him enough for helping to highlight MND. His generous donation will make a real difference to our ability to support people affected by MND and to push research forward to help search for a cure.”

Action for Blind People

Something we often take for granted is the gift of sight. Ed was introduced to someone dealing with their own sudden loss of sight and the blow that it had on their vulnerable family, coming to terms with this while their world fell apart around them. This astonishing individual overcame this and is now an ambassador for partially sighted people pioneering reform to overcome prejudice.

Stephen Remington, Action for Blind People’s chief executive, said: “We’re extremely grateful to Ed for his generous donation, which will make a real difference to Action’s regional services. Action for Blind People is committed to providing people with sight loss with the same opportunities as everyone else. Being involved in Secret Millionaire gives us an opportunity to further raise awareness of the challenges visually impaired people face on a daily basis.”

View Ed as a Secret Millionaire on 30th October 2011, Channel 4, 9.00pm