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Viridian go green with ipads!

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As a step towards a paperless office, Viridian Housing recently provided all members of their National Residents Forum (NRF) with Ipads. 


Chair of the NRF, Shaun Lansfield, said this green initiative is already revolutionising the way the forum work and interact.

“For many of us, internet access has been limited until now, so communication was difficult and time-consuming. We were all sending and receiving so many paper-based communications, and it became clear we needed a better system that would not harm any more trees,” said Shaun.

At their quarterly meeting last week, the group put the devices to good use, with next to no papers in sight.

Shaun, who has been a Viridian resident for 21 years and involved with Viridian committees for nine, believes this is one of the most significant developments he has seen.

“The ipads have fast become an essential part of our operations. They ensure we all receive relevant documents before to our meetings, communicate effectively throughout and stay in touch after,” he said. “My printer has no use anymore!”

Chief Executive, Matthew Fox, said the initiative is not only an important step towards going green, but will also save Viridian money in the long-run.

“We calculated the cost of providing the NRF members with papers for each of their meetings and found that the payback on providing them with iPads - and no paper - was just over a year,” said Matthew. “We believe all residents should have access to the internet and we are considering how we can make this a part of our core service rather than a discretionary add-on.”