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11 out of 10 for the Welsh Government in reducing carbon emissions

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The Welsh Government has reduced its carbon emissions by 11% in a single year, beating the 10:10 target to reduce emissions in key areas by 10%. In December 2009, the First Minister confirmed the Welsh Government's commitment to the 10:10 campaign, which asked organisations to reduce their emissions in certain areas by 10% within an ‘action year’ that started in 2010.


This reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions has been influenced by a number of actions in the last twelve months, including:

the rationalisation of our administrative estate: During the 2010/11 period we were able to capitalise on a substantial amount of estate rationalisation opportunities, allowing us to vacate a total of 18 buildings, making a significant contribution towards reducing our emissions;
enhancement of our Low Carbon Management Programme and the implementation of our Managing with Less agenda, which has led to a significant reduction in the resources we use;
reduce the number of journeys made for meetings, by using video conferencing and other alternatives;
further reducing the carbon usage of our ICT infrastructure by reducing the number of IT servers we had.

These measures mean we were able to make a total carbon saving of 1643 tonnes of carbon in the areas covered by 10:10, equivalent to approximately 39,400 single car journeys from Cardiff to Westminster.

First Minister, Carwyn Jones said:

“As a government which is fully committed to sustainable development, we need to lead the way for others in tackling the causes and consequences of climate change. These results show we are doing just that. But clearly, we can and will do more.

“Whilst the 10:10 campaign was a great way for us to achieve a one-off reduction, we are still committed to achieving at least 3% emissions reduction from 2011 onwards, in line with our Climate Change Strategy. This will support our wider efforts to achieve a 40% reduction in emissions by the year 2020 compared to figures from 1990.”

The Welsh Government’s Permanent Secretary, Dame Gill Morgan added:

“This is an excellent achievement and the result recognises our commitment to sustainability and the efforts taken over the past few years to improve the management of our emissions. However, it is important that we don’t become complacent and continue to work to deliver our commitments in the Climate Change Strategy.”

In a separate announcement, the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency (CRC) Scheme report, published on 08 November 2011, ranked the Welsh Government in the top 6th of participating organisations finishing 320th out of a total of 2103.

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