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Guidance to help Welsh businesses save money on waste management

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New guidance that will help Welsh businesses to manage their waste as cost effectively and sustainably as possible has been published by the Welsh Government.


The guidance applies to all businesses and organisations that manage waste in Wales, and provides advice on processing unwanted materials in line with what is best for the environment.

Environment Minister, John Griffiths said:
“Many Welsh businesses and public bodies are not fully aware of how much waste management costs them, or indeed how they could save money and resource by managing it more cost effectively.

“The waste hierarchy is all about managing waste in an environment friendly manner. However as the demand for materials grows worldwide, it also makes good business sense to adopt the waste hierarchy.

“In practice this means preventing waste where ever possible, and where waste is unavoidable looking to refurbish, repair or recycle before considering energy from waste or landfill. “

'The guidance follows an EU directive which requires businesses and organisations to apply the waste hierarchy, or other best practice, when making decisions about their waste management.

It advises businesses that by monitoring their waste and making efforts to produce less and segregate more they can enjoy real financial benefit.

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 January 2012 16:30