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Arch Timber Protection’s KEYWOOD Treated Pine Specified

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Arch Timber Protection’s KEYWOOD treated pine has been chosen by landscape designer Alistair W Baldwin to be part of a site landscaping project on the grounds of a zero carbon house near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The project uses the durable timber in decking around a swimming pond installed by Garden Style of Sheffield.

KEYWOOD is a modified softwood created by treating FSC-certified Radiata pine with a biomass-based thermosetting resin. This makes the timber more durable and usable indoors and outdoors without the need for a coating, and its attractive light color blends with all surroundings.

Product Manager Denis Boissau said: “The homeowner worked hard to create a zero carbon house, and we were able to support this sustainable focus by providing the KEYWOOD treatment, which involves a biomass-derived resin that does not require further chemical treatments for outdoor use, even near water.”

Designer Alistair W Baldwin said: “The KEYWOOD product is based on pine, so it is easy to work with, but it has the look of a more exotic hardwood. As a designer, I am very attracted to its pale coloring when dry and its rich warm tones when wet. The flexibility to specify the boards at the width we needed was also a plus, as we were running the boards up to stone slabs to create a staggered junction. The site is in the open countryside, so it was important that the deck took on an attractive weathered look from day one, and the KEYWOOD treatment was perfect for that.”

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