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The long awaited Domestic RHI is now launched

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The Long awaited Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was launched on the 9th April 2014.

What is Domestic RHI?
The Domestic RHI is a government incentive scheme providing financial support for renewable heat. The scheme is one of the Government’s key elements for promoting heating systems that use renewable energy as well as helping the Government meet greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

Who is Domestic RHI for?
The Domestic RHI is aimed at households both on and off the gas grid that can meet the joining requirements.

How will it benefit your customers?
As of 9th April 2014, the Domestic RHI will provide financial support to the domestic sector for renewable heat, including Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal technologies.

The financial support is for a range of renewable heating systems that will be paid at a set rate per unit of renewable heat produced (kilowatt hour or kWh) for a period of seven years to the owner of the heating system (as long as they are eligible).

The agreed tariffs for Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Water Heating are:

  • 7.3p/kWh for Air Source Heat Pumps
  • 19.2p/kWh for Solar Thermal

Also applicants installing Heat Pumps will receive an extra £230 if they install heat metering and monitoring service packages.

Householders of a single domestic property in Great Britain, can apply for Domestic RHI if:

  • They have a domestic Energy Performance Certificate EPC (issued as part of the Green Deal assessment)
  • They own the renewable heating system and own/occupy the property where it will be installed
  • A Green Deal Assessment has been carried out and any recommendations been carried out before applying for Domestic RHI*
  • MCS certified installer and MCS certified products are used
  • They apply within 12 months of the commissioning date of the heating system or if the commissioning date is before 9th April 2014, they must apply before 9th April 2015
  • They have made a contribution to the cost of the equipment or installation

NOTE: All payments will go to the owner of the heating system.

For further information
For further information on Domestic RHI please visit the below links:

Space Air Solutions Ltd is an MCS accredited supplier and supports an extensive range of MCS accredited Daikin Air Source Heat Pumps

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