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Excellent AQC data from ALS Environmental

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Following a routine quarterly review at their Coventry site, ALS Environmental are proud to report that the precision and bias data for Analytical Quality Control (AQC) for the last quarter (April to June 2014) shows that over 99% of tests were within targets. This data comprises all internal quality control samples which totals over 1,000 AQC charts.

As part of the UKAS ISO 17025:2005, MCERTS and Drinking Water Testing Standards (DWTS) accreditation ALS also participate in a range of Proficency Testing (PT) schemes throughout the year, these include but are not limited to:

Acronymn PT Scheme Analysis Covered
Aquacheck Aquacheck PT Scheme Chemistry
AISS Asbestos in Soils Scheme Asbestos
AIMS Asbestos in Materials Scheme Asbestos
Contest Contaminated Land PT Scheme Chemistry
CRYPTS Cryptosporidium PT Scheme Cryptosporidium
PHE EQA External Quality Assessment of Water Microbiology Microbiology
FAPAS LEAP Laboratory Environmental Analysis PT Scheme Chemistry/Microbiology/Cryptospodium and Giardia
RTC (Sigma-Aldrich) PT Scheme for Waters and Soils. Chemistry
QWAS Quality in Water Analysis Scheme Microbiology

ALS Envrionmentals Quality Director, Christopher Caird commented:

"The most recent set of AQC data shows the progress that we are making as a laboratory. Quality continues to be one of our main business drivers and to know that over 99% of our analytical data consistently falls within our target ranges is a fact that all of our staff should be proud of. We are also pleased to announce the launch of our fully accredited (UKAS and DWTS) Halo Acetic Acid (HAA) & Dalapon method, which is the first in the UK to offer a fully accredited HAA speciation from our Wakefield laboratory."

If you have any questions regarding the company's recent AQC success, Halo Acetic Acid analysis or any other matter please e-mail or call their customer service team on 02476 42 12 13.

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