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Back Food Farming Animal welfare CEO takes to the internet to give the world the facts on factory farming

Animal welfare CEO takes to the internet to give the world the facts on factory farming

· Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming launches

· Five short films written and presented by the CEO himself

· Films highlight not only the horrors of factory farming but highlight evidence of human health threat and environmental damage

· “Average consumer is intelligent but uninformed” says CEO



A CEO of a major animal welfare charity has made the unusual step of taking to the airwaves himself, recording a series of videos explaining exactly what harm factory farming is doing to animals, people and the planet.


Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming, has written and produced five short films that explain to the “intelligent but uninformed” viewer the basics of the problem and threat it poses to future generations.


Taking on those who fail to grasp the urgent need to deal with the problem, Mr Lymbery says, “The issue is much bigger than just animal cruelty. It threatens our food, keeps people hungry, and risks our health.”


Via a dedicated TV channel on his blog,, Mr Lymbery highlights the issues in detail, using state-of-the-art graphics to make the case of ending what he calls a “horrific practice.”


The CEO is releasing one video a week over five weeks, with the next film launching on Monday 8 August 2011.  The first film introduces the viewer to what factory farming actually is and the hard work Compassion in World Farming do in order to end this horrific practice.


‘Factory Farming Facts’ aims to:


·         Educate viewers about factory farming and what it actually is

·         Explain the impact on our resources, environment, food and health

·         Illustrate the need for Compassion in World Farming

·         Make clear the need to move beyond factory farming by 2050, and show how it is possible


In order to minimise distress to viewers and encourage as wide as viewing as possible, Mr Lymbery took the decision to ensure there was no gratuitous footage included in the films.


Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming, said:


“All of us at Compassion in World Farming work tirelessly to end factory farming and promote a better way of life. We need future generations to look beyond factory farming and to produce food not just humanely, but sustainably too. Not only does the current system cause unimaginable suffering to animals, but it also poses a real threat to human health. We can feed the world without factory farming, which is why I want as many as people as possible to hear my message. Please share these films with your family and friends - together we can make a difference.”