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Waste & Recycling

Tidy Planet plant generating 22,500kW of daily energy at London airports

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The sophisticated energy recovery plants that food waste experts Tidy Planet devised for DHL, are now producing 25,500kW of heat per day from the food waste at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

The technology hit the headlines back in November 2016 when Gatwick became the world’s first airport to begin disposing of food and catering waste on-site and this year they will start to process Category 1 International Catering Waste. Previously, 2,200 tonnes of the ‘high risk’ food and packaging materials from non-EU flights had to be sent to licensed hazardous waste incinerators for specialist handling.


Shredder specialist secures top safety accreditation

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Industrial shredder manufacturer UNTHA UK has been awarded a prestigious accreditation from SafeContractor, for its commitment to health and safety.

The North Yorkshire team achieved the recognition following a rigorous audit of the company’s safety protocol.

Supplying shredding technology that weighs up to 24 tonnes – and can process materials ranging from everyday household and commercial waste, through to automotive scrap, refrigerators and mattresses – UNTHA UK operates in what has the potential to be a high hazard environment. But with well-established health and safety policies, risk management procedures and robust training, the organisation upholds an exemplary incident-free record.


New hard drive shredder ensures recycling process is safe and secure

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Safe & Secure Logistics has boosted the capacity of its WEEE recycling service to pave the way for further growth.

The Slough-headquartered firm has invested in a new hard drive shredder which will enable the confidential destruction team to comfortably – and compliantly – process over 3,000 hard drives per week.

The UNTHA RS40 shredder has just been delivered to SAS Logistics’ Northampton site and thanks to its ‘plug and play’ technology, it was operational within the hour. But that same technology – plus the machine’s compact footprint – will mean the RS40 can easily be loaded onto a vehicle for additional use as a mobile shredder.


Riverside celebrates 20-year milestone

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The past twenty years have been quite a whirlwind for the waste and recycling industry, with recessions, regulations, landfill tax hikes and technological innovations just some of the notable talking points.

But the last two decades have also seen the growth of baler specialist Riverside Waste Machinery.

The company – originally founded by Chris Oldfield in 1997 – is now run by his son Jonathan Oldfield. And the managing director has some upcoming plans equally as exciting as the team’s previous achievements.


UNTHA reveals third generation waste shredder

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Global shredding giant UNTHA has launched its 3rd series XR waste shredder, following more than 10 years at the forefront of this progressive industry.

The UNTHA XR was first brought to market as a robust pre-shredder that could effectively process a myriad of municipal, commercial and industrial wastes in readiness for the alternative fuel production market.

But committed to strengthening the profitability of clients’ operations – not just their functional capabilities – the Austrian-headquartered team continued to innovate. In 2014, a ground-breaking shredder was released that could manufacture SRF in a single pass. This feat of engineering halved operators’ capital outlay and reduced energy consumption by up to 50%, without any detrimental on throughputs, uptime or product quality and saving. Typical savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds also began to be recouped. A ‘moveable’ version of the technology was brought to market in late 2015, when the XR became the world’s first electrically-driven mobile shredder with the same bottom-line benefits.