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Mobile shredder supports Austrian firm’s passion for carbon neutral waste management

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An UNTHA XR mobil-e shredder is now operational at Struber Entsortgung in Kuchl, Austria, as the company prepares to expand its waste management capabilities.

Passionate about environmentally friendly waste treatment methods, Struber is no stranger to the resource industry. With a heritage spanning more than 50 years, the medium-sized family business specialises in waste management and disposal, recycling, street cleaning, demolition and earthworks.


Data centre equipment specialist opts to bale with Riverside

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Techbuyer – a global leader in the purchase, refurbishment and sale of IT equipment – has recently invested in a waste baler from Riverside Waste Machinery, in an effort to continually reduce the amount of waste material it sends to landfill.

The RWM500 mill size machine supplied by the Boroughbridge-based provider is now being used to bale cardboard, which is then recycled.

Tom Reid, operations manager at Techbuyer, said: “Although this concept wasn’t completely new to us, our previous baler was second-hand, and not very reliable. When it came to choosing a new machine, we met with a number of manufacturers, and Riverside was the best by far.


Specialist recycler aims to ‘plug’ market gap

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UK Plug Recycling – a young venture which aims to further prevent the amount of electrical waste being landfilled – is one step closer to achieving its vision.

The Hampshire headquartered organisation has installed an UNTHA RS40 hard drive shredder to tackle plugs, sockets, small pieces of WEEE and other secure product destruction.

Capable of processing these ‘wastes’ down to a homogenous 15mm particle size, the technology can handle 1 tonne of material per hour.


Riverside launches new baler for space-restricted sites

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Riverside Waste Machinery has introduced a new machine into its range, designed specifically for size-constrained client sites.

The RWM 300LH is so-called because the robust machine is ideal for ‘low height’ spaces. At less than 2m tall it is much shorter than the majority of its medium-sized counterparts, but this does not impact on the equipment’s technical specification.

Capable of handling cardboard, plastic film and paper – to name just a few recycling applications – the RWM 300LH has a 20 tonne press force and can produce bales of up to 300kg in weight. A loading aperture of 600 x 1200 x 800mm still allows for the easy in-feed of materials, and automatic compaction cycles then ensure operational simplicity and auto-bale ejection.


Tidy Planet plant generating 22,500kW of daily energy at London airports

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The sophisticated energy recovery plants that food waste experts Tidy Planet devised for DHL, are now producing 25,500kW of heat per day from the food waste at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

The technology hit the headlines back in November 2016 when Gatwick became the world’s first airport to begin disposing of food and catering waste on-site and this year they will start to process Category 1 International Catering Waste. Previously, 2,200 tonnes of the ‘high risk’ food and packaging materials from non-EU flights had to be sent to licensed hazardous waste incinerators for specialist handling.