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A green roof can be a declaration of sustainability

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Due to their very wide range of environmental and economic benefits, green roofs have come to be important elements of sustainable and green construction in many countries.

Moreover, because they can be highly visible, they also clearly and outwardly signal an intent for sustainable building and can give a very positive and distinctive image to a building or development.

Specific benefits of green roofs include:

• Research from around the world indicates that green roofs reduce annual run-off from roofs by at least 50%, and more usually by 60-70% – contributing to urban drainage and flood alleviation schemes. Furthermore, the rate of release following heavy rainfall is slowed, reducing the problems associated with storm surges. With an increasing need for developments to have limited water runoff, the Environment Agency now highlights the use of green roofing in its May 2003 publication Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) – an introduction.

• Green roofs can reduce the need for airconditioning in the summer and as a result reduce CO2 emissions.

• New developments lead to a loss of habitats; green roofs can contribute to biodiversity and address local biodiversity action plans. In particular, they have been shown to favour many rare invertebrates found on brownfield sites as well as ground-nesting birds such as skylarks.

• Green roofs contribute to a greener urban environment and quality of life for communities in high-density developments.

• A roof life is at least doubled with the addition of a green roof, thereby reducing resource use in roof replacement and repair.

Independent advice can be found at the Green Roof Centre at

Hertalan EPDM waterproofing systems are the perfect environmentally-friendly partner for green roofs. Large and small areas can be rapidly waterproofed with pre-fabricated membranes manufactured in factory conditions. The membranes and joints both have German FLL root resistance certification. All installations are undertaken by trained and approved contractors, ensuring consistently high standards. Hertalan can offer a wide range of options for the green aspect of the roof, which include sedum mats or plugs, wildflower meadow turf and pictorial meadow seeds.

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