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Chameleon: New File Import Application

ALS Environmental are proud to announce the introduction of a new file import application that is now available. Chameleon is an in-house built application that generates Excel registration files, that when completed, can be directly imported into ALS' sample registration system.

This application is suitable for customers to log their sample and analytical requirements or the registration team to enter sample information for received samples. In both instances, if the file is completed correctly, it will make the registration process more efficient and accurate. There are however a few factors that would need to be considered to establish a customer's suitability. Also a customer that already has a specific file import set up would not be able to use Chameleon files.


New world record for mercury emissions monitor

Quantitech, the UK subsidiary of Gasmet Technologies, is delighted to announce that the Gasmet Continuous Mercury Monitoring system (CMM) is the first instrument to be certified for monitoring at the low levels required by industry and regulators. “This is extremely important news,” says Ken Roberts, Quantitech’s Managing Director. “In the past the low concentration levels in industrial emissions have represented a challenge to monitoring technology, and instruments have been unable to monitor at the low levels that are required.

“This announcement means that, at last, monitoring technology is available that will enable effective regulations to be implemented in the fight against global mercury pollution.”


Technology ‘roadshow’ sparks new wave of waste shredder sales

A European ‘roadshow’ of machine trials has prompted a new influx of sales at industrial shredder manufacturer UNTHA.

The XR mobil-e has visited 15 sites throughout Germany and Austria since the ‘tour’ began in late August. A second unit has also been on a long-term demonstration in Switzerland for the last month, proving it can tackle two steps of a complex wood shredding process that would usually require three different machines.

And the next few weeks look just as hectic with further trials requested from operators in these countries, as well as Italy, before the end of the year.


Ashtead Technology appointed partner for GES Gas-Tec FIDs

Ashtead technology has been appointed as the preferred distributor and rental partner for the GES Gas-Tec (Mk4 & Mk5) FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detectors. “We are delighted with this partnership agreement,” says Matthew Herrick, General Manager at GES. “Ashtead Technology selects the best products for its instrumentation fleet and has a reputation for the highest levels of service, so we believe that Ashtead is the ideal company to sell and rent the Gas-Tec products.”

Incorporating an FID, the Gas-Tec instruments respond to almost all volatile hydrocarbons which makes them ideal for leak detection including natural gas surveys, landfill surveys, contaminated land, environmental surveys and methane sniffing.


Carbon Zero appointed by Euro Quality Lambs to install borehole

Carbon Zero Consulting is delighted to announce that it has started work at Euro Quality Lambs Ltd having been appointed to investigate the possibilities of creating their own water supply. Euro Quality Lambs is one of the largest lamb abattoirs in Europe capable of processing up to 25,000 carcasses a week with onsite boning and further processing facilities. They use a significant amount of water each year and in an effort to achieve cost savings have decided to install their own private water supply borehole.

Installing a private water borehole is a complex process. Carbon Zero Consulting Ltd specialises in this area having had extensive experience in UK hydrogeology across many sectors and as many geological scenarios. They have already carried out a thorough water audit, geology assessment and conformed with all Environment Agency requirements necessary for drilling, testing and installation of the borehole. A borehole design suitable for the specific aquifer has now been developed together with WB & AD Morgan Ltd, a drilling contractor with great experience of working in similar geology.


New integrated continuous emissions monitoring capability

Quantitech has a long-standing reputation for the supply and service of high quality environmental monitoring instruments in the UK. However, following acquisition by Gasmet Technologies, the company has invested in the resources necessary to design, deliver, install and commission complete integrated emissions monitoring systems, and a video has been published on the Quantitech website explaining the advantages of this new capability.

“Almost every industrial emissions monitoring application has different site-specific requirements, so it makes sense to be able to deliver bespoke systems,” says Quantitech Managing Director Ken Roberts. “With flexible multigas capability, Gasmet’s MCERTS approved FTIR analysers are able to monitor most of the key gases, but we are now delivering complete systems including additional analysers and data management systems for parameters such as particulates, oxygen and flow.


Air Monitors technology supports air quality news stories

The latest air quality monitoring equipment from the company Air Monitors has been used extensively by a variety of news channels to support the ever-growing media attention being given to urban air quality. “In contrast with the air pollution of the 1950’s, the problem is no longer visible,” says Managing Director Jim Mills. “It used to be possible for city dwellers to see the smog, but monitoring technology is necessary to highlight today’s invisible threats; which are mainly fine particulates and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

“We have been happy to support the media in its efforts to highlight the problems that exist in our towns and cities, because the public needs to be made aware of this very serious threat, and because the development of lightweight, accurate air quality monitors has meant that it is now possible to identify the precise location of pollution hot-spots.


New ‘How To’ video on gas monitoring App

In 2016 Gasmet launched a free App on both iOS and Android, providing anyone with an interest in gas monitoring with quick and easy access to an enormous volume of highly useful information.

The App has now been downloaded hundreds of times by people from every continent, but to help users make the most of the App’s capabilities Gasmet has now published an explanatory video, which is available on the Gasmet YouTube channel or from the Technology page of


RHS Garden Bridgewater – a potential best practice case study for soil re-use and management

A comprehensive Soil Resource Survey carried out for the Royal Horticultural Society by soil scientists at Tim O’Hare Associates (TOHA)for the proposed RHS Garden Bridgewater will provide an exemplar case study on the sustainable re-use and management of existing soils.

The proposed new garden – on the site of the former Worsley New Hall in Salford, to the north west of Manchester – has been designed by landscape designer Tom Stuart-Smith. Soils on the 63 ha site, which slopes down to the Bridgewater Canal on its southern boundary, range from a sandy loam, through alluvial silts and clays in the woodland areas, to peaty soils in the meadows abutting the canal.