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New Fully Automated Dumas Nitrogen / Protein Analyser

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VELP Scientifica (Italy) presents the NDA 701 Dumas Nitrogen Analyser, extending its range of instruments dedicated to sample preparation and analysis in the food and feed industries.

The NDA 701 uses high-technology to optimise productivity. With the highest limits of detection and readability on the market and an RSD lower than 0.5% for EDTA, the user is assured of high precision results. Samples can be loaded in nearly 120 positions, using the same loading procedure whether solid, paste or liquid. Once loaded, the unit runs fully automatically offering exceptional reproducibility and comparability of results.

The DUMASoft software presents the program parameters, run conditions and results on a single screen of your PC making operation quick and simple. Different calibration curves can be created and managed and an on-board database containing methods for numerous sample types and different nitrogen standards can be used to optimise analysis of specific samples. Data can be shown via on-board versatile reporting with output to a PC or LIMS in .xls, .txt or .csv formats for manipulation using the operator’s preferred software.

VELP Scientifica NDA 701 complies with all standards in the food and feed markets – AOAC, AACC, ASBC, OIV and ISO – making it the ideal choice for industrial and monitoring laboratories.