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The evolution of the Toyota Prius. The green piece

Prius-family-2_thumbIt has been the market-leading hybrid car since its inception back in 1997, and now the Toyota Prius is ready to enter the next stage of its development.

The vehicle, which is sold in more than 70 countries and regions, was the first mass-produced hybrid car and in September last year reached more than two million cumulative sales. Now in its third generation it is ready to expand into an entire family of vehicles as it looks to fend off increased competition and remain the front runner in what is no longer a niche sector.


The AGT GSM Temperature Monitor

leafThe AGT GSM Temperature Monitor is a remote controlled device that can monitor temperature and report back by SMS text message or by email. It will respond with the current temperature when sent a text message, and will automatically send warnings when pre-set temperature limits are exceeded.

Also, it has a “Ring Out” mode, where it will dial up to 10 telephone numbers to 'ring the phone' The incoming caller ID tells the receiver that the AGT is calling with a temperature issue. The temperature sensor is digital and operates via a built-in RS232 port, and is supplied with.


3D laser mapping delivers UK’s first long range laser scanner

10515_aNottingham, UK, 04 April 2011 – 3D Laser Mapping has delivered the first long-range laser scanner in the UK. Purchased by Mining Surveys (UK) the VZ-1000 allows for high speed, non-contact surveying at distances of up to 1,400 metres making it ideal for use in inhospitable and difficult to access areas. The narrow laser beam and fast scanning mechanism enables superior performance and accuracies of measurement, even under adverse weather conditions.


Fuel management simplified with on-line networking

An exceptionally easy to use software package, Fuel Management On-Line (FMO), is available from Fueltek.  Aimed at helping commercial and public service fleet vehicle managers to control and reduce fuel costs, FMO integrates all the fuel management hardware elements, gathers fuelling information effectively and is easily customised to produce detailed fuel use information.  Managers can install the software on their own networks or have the option of remote hosting by Fueltek.

Scalability is a key feature of FMO.  The system is equally applicable to small fleet, single depot operations as it is to major operators with hundreds of vehicles and scores of locations.  There is no limit to the number of devices on the network.  These may include fuel management terminals, tank monitoring systems or other devices such as gates, barriers or even key cabinets.


Green build could create ’30,000 jobs’ – IGBC

PhilHogan1The Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) was established in Dublin on Tuesday morning, with the goal of radically transforming the built environment in Ireland.

It is hoped the plans will change the surroundings into one that is environmentally sustainable with the potential to create 30,000 jobs

Addressing those at the meeting, Minister Hogan said: "Sustainable development means meeting the needs of today without compromising the quality of life of future generations."