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Easy and Fast Analysis

altThe company MLE GmbH (Germany) provides a flexible, automated analysis system, developed for the water and environmental analysis industries. It works with standard photometric determination methods (ISO). The application of flow injection analysis (FIA) allows low reagent consumption, short analysis times and is suitable for large sample throughput (as a multi-channel system, shown in the picture) and also for smaller sample series (as single channel system).

The modular design allows the offering of customised configurations, which are adapted to the tasks of your facility and can be used in routine analysis and research laboratories.


Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technology Returns to its Original Name

altAfter two events held under the name of IFAT ENTSORGA, the leading trade fair for environmental technologies is returning to its original name of IFAT. Eugen Egetenmeir, Managing Director of Messe München GmbH (Germany), explains: "The name ENTSORGA was included in the show’s title in 2010, to communicate to the sector the fact that this event was moving from Cologne to Munich. That message has now been understood, and so we are going back to our original, succinct name of IFAT."

As well as the name change, IFAT is also adopting a new claim – "resources. innovations. solutions." This sums up the spectrum covered by the fair and its orientation. The areas of water/waste water and waste/secondary raw materials now come under the overarching term of "resources". IFAT’s brand identity is also transported visually in a new and sophisticated key visual.


Beijing Biogas Measured with UK Analyser

altAt the Liulitun landfill in Haidian District of Beijing, the operator specified their requirement for a landfill gas analyser with ‘high accuracy and strong stability’. After a competitive pitch by Geotech distributor, Onuee Electronics, they selected the Geotech (UK) GA3000 fixed landfill gas analyser.

Landfill operation started in 1999 at the Liulitun landfill and it continues to take 1,500 tonnes of waste every day. Currently it has four flares and the site operator uses the Geotech GA3000 to measure methane concentration of the landfill gas.


New Technologies in Almost Every Area of Hydrometeorology Launched at WWEM

altOTT Hydrometry (UK) will unveil a new groundwater monitor, a new portable flow meter and a new range of dataloggers at WWEM 2012. OTT MD Simon Wills says “This will be a very exciting event because we will be launching new technologies in almost every area of hydrometeorology.”  

OTT’s stand (No. 105) will feature the ‘OTT netDL’ (internet datalogger) series, which have been designed to improve remote monitoring by making communications easier, more reliable and less expensive. Discharge monitoring will be a major theme, with the new OTT MF Pro electromagnetic current meter offering an alternative to propeller and ADC meters. New technology will also be on show for groundwater monitoring including the new ecoLog 500 and the ecoLog 800 (CTD).  


New personal ozone monitors

altAmidst growing concern with the consequences of ground level ozone on health, and the continued failure of the UK to meet European air quality directives, Air Monitors, a specialist instrumentation company, has launched a new portable UV-based ozone monitor which significantly enhances the ability to measure the air that people breathe.  

The handheld Personal Ozone Monitor (POM) allows accurate and precise (2ppb) measurement of ambient ozone in air across a wide concentration range (2 ppb to 10 ppm). The instrument has an inbuilt display, so users can view real-time data.


Vestas 8 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Could Power Up To 3200 Homes

altVestas increased the size of their latest wind turbine in order to bump up the capacity from 7 MW to 8 MW. The V164 platform was from the very beginning developed with a possible potential of increasing the turbine size. The progress in the technology development has now shown that an 8 MW version will offer lower cost of energy and at the same time keep the reliability and structural integrity of the turbine unchanged.

The balance of plant will be reduced due to the increased power output per turbine. This means that the cost of energy will be reduced as the number of turbines, foundations, etc., as well as the required number of service visits will also decrease.


Latest analytical technology ensures biogas efficiency

Environment UK Viridor Parkway BredburyAnaerobic Digestion (AD) relies on the ability of specific micro-organisms to convert organic material into a gas that can be used to generate electricity. However, these bacteria require specific conditions if they are to function effectively and instrumentation specialist company HACH LANGE has developed a range of online, portable and laboratory instruments that have enabled a large number of AD plants to maximise efficiency and prevent the risk of failure.

In 2009, renewable energy accounted for just 3% of the UK’s energy supply. However, the UK Government has a target to raise this contribution to 15% by 2020 as part of its strategy to fight climate change. Along with wind, solar and various other sources of renewable energy, AD has an important role to perform in helping to achieve the renewable energy target whilst also helping with the management of organic waste.


Pipe Center and Climate Center expand team to support green technology

Environment UK Pipe Center and Climate CenterPipe Center and Climate Center are expanding their central technical team to support expansion into new market sectors and the introduction of renewable technologies.

The enlarged technical team will provide a single point of contact for customers on major projects and tap the in-depth product experience available across Pipe Center and Climate Center and - where relevant - the wider Wolseley UK.


The future’s bright for Voltis-powered Redbridge Council

Environment UK Redbridge Town HallStaff at Redbridge Council have a brighter future thanks to the installation of a voltage optimisation system that has not only reduced its running costs and carbon footprint but also cut the number of office lights fusing on a regular basis.

The Voltis voltage optimiser from Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management has been installed in four locations across the council as part of a programme of energy efficiency measures implemented by the authority. Post installation the voltage of each location dropped by up to 25Volts.