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A day in the life of an Environmental Health Officer

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I’m Christine Morrison, a Scots Gaelic speaker from the Outer Hebrides. I wasn’t really aware of Environmental Health as a career when I was in school. However, once I started working in an environmental health department, I became interested in the wide and varied range of work. 

After completing my BSc in Applied Food Science and Marketing I went on to complete an MSc in Human Nutrition and Metabolism. I then started my career in Environmental Health in 1992 as a Food Safety Officer. 

My career to date has always been linked to elements of environmental health, and I have held positions such as Trainer/Consultant, Commercial Compliance Officer and Food Safety Officer. When the opportunity arose for me to undertake a qualification that would enable me to qualify as an Environmental Health Officer (EHO), I was very keen to get started! 

I undertook the MSc in Environmental Health at the University of Derby Online Learning and graduated with a Distinction in 2009. I also obtained my Environmental Health Diploma from REHIS in the same year and became a Chartered EHO with REHIS in 2013. The importance of the MSc Environmental Health at UDOL should not be underestimated, as it is giving those who currently work in environmental health the chance to obtain the qualification they need to qualify as an EHO or Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP). 

Since completing my degree with UDOL, I have become an Associate Academic for their MSc Environmental Health. I’ve been a tutor on the module “Global Environmental and Public Health” for two years now, and this year I’m also a tutor on the module “Health Impacts of Workplace and Food” specialising in the health and safety elements of the module. 

Although most of our students study online as they can’t commit to attending on campus, the same applies to my job role. I wouldn’t have been able to undertake my role as an Associate Academic without the online flexibility of UDOL, given my geographical location in the Outer Hebrides. 

On a daily basis I ensure that I’m regularly available so that my students can contact me and interact with me via Blackboard; our virtual classroom platform. In addition, I also supervise students that are undertaking their Independent Scholarly Activity. I really enjoy the online interaction with students; mentoring and supporting them to help achieve their academic goals.

Outside of my life as an Associate Academic, I am married and have just re-homed a young Border Collie; Mossie. This means that at the moment my life is full of walks and training whilst I’m not teaching or mentoring students. In addition to this, I also enjoy singing in the Lochs Gaelic Choir, and I’m the Secretary to the Association of Gaelic Choirs. Finally, I’m a prize winning photographer so enjoy taking photographs of my beautiful surroundings. 

What is it that’s said? If you want something done, ask a busy person!

To find out more about the MSc Environmental Health at the University of Derby Online Learning and to try this course out for free please visit their website.