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Just Ecology Limited

Just Ecology Limited

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Brookend House
GL13 9SQ
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Dr Jeff Kirby
Phone: 01454 269403
Occupation: Environmental Consultancy Services


JUST ECOLOGY is an independent ecological consultancy, delivering professional and impartial advice. Our focus is on ecology and environmental management, with services provided to assist projects through the planning process but also in support of conservation science projects.

JUST ECOLOGY was established in 1998 and very quickly developed an excellent reputation whilst winning an impressive array of projects. We offer unbeatable quality, a proven track record and competitive prices.

JUST ECOLOGY carries out a mix of commercial, research and policy work. Core services areas include: Protected species survey, mitigation and licensing; Phase 1, Extended Phase 1, tree and vegetation survey; Ecological impact assessments; Breeam ecology assessments, including code for sustainable homes and eco-homes; Management plans, including biodiversity action plans; Management and interrogation of environmental data, e.g. GIS systems; Research and policy studies.

Our client base includes a wide range of local, national and international customers, many of whom return to us for repeat assignments. We take pride in knowing that the services we provide are highly rated and deliver the outputs and performance that our clients deserve and have come to expect.

Our personnel are highly motivated, qualified and experienced professionals who are able to undertake a wide range of ecological consultancy projects. We have significant in-house expertise in field ecology, desk research, ecological imcccpact assessment, scientific research and the management of the natural environment. We have access to quality sub-contractors to complement and expand on the expertise we can deliver.

We have delivered over 700 consultancy projects so far. For a small selection and further details about us, please access

Protected Species Survey, Mitigation and Licensing

Certain species and species groups are afforded legal protection under various national and international conservation laws. These legally protected species often need to be checked for in advance of site works that may harm or disturb them. Badgers, Bats, Breeding Birds, Dormice, Great Crested Newts, Reptiles, Crayfish, Water Vole and Otter are just some of the protected species for which we undertake specialist surveys.

Phase 1, Extended Phase 1 and Vegetation Survey

Phase 1 and Extended Phase 1 surveys are very regularly undertaken and are often required by planning authorities and others as the most basic form of ecological field investigation.

Ecological Impact Assessments

'Ecology', 'Biodiversity' or 'Nature Conservation' is a key consideration in most Environmental Impact Assessments. This topic is often the subject of a separate chapter within Environmental Reports or Environmental Statements prepared for development projects.

BREEAM Ecology Assessments, including Code for Sustainable Homes and Eco-Homes

Developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), BREEAM is an environmental assessment method used to assess the environmental performance of buildings. Credits are available for various disciplines, including ecology.

Management Plans, including Biodiversity Action Plans

Strategic or practical action or management plans are often needed to protect, enhance and manage ecological resources within a given area. Examples of plans we produce include Biodiversity Action Plans, Conservation Management Plans, Species Action Plans, Site Management Plans and Water Level Management Plans, prepared for a diversity of clients and for various reasons.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS provides a powerful means of storing, manipulating and analysing any environmental information that has a spatial (i.e. mapped) element. GIS applications are developed for our customers , within which we capture and analyse environmental information in order to answer questions required from the data.

Research and Policy Studies

Scientific research is often needed to form the basis for policy and practical decisions on how best to address a particular ecological issue or nature conservation requirement. Our scientifically-trained ecologists are amongst the best available in ecological science and have been put to good use in delivering many challenging research projects. We provide clients independent, multi-disciplinary science teams in order to address your research requirements professionally and with considerable skill.

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