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Time is right for a national mobilisation on energy efficiency, says green building leader

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The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has expressed its support for the recommendations of the report by Parliament’s cross-party Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), which calls for a national ‘war effort’ on energy efficiency.

The UKGBC’s director of communications, policy and places, Simon McWhirter, said: “As we close the book on the warmest year on record in the UK, with millions of people across the country still struggling to afford to heat their homes, the EAC is right to call for a national mobilisation on energy efficiency. We cannot afford any more winters like this one.

“Between the EAC’s report and our own analysis, it is clear that the government urgently needs to improve both its clarity and ambition on decarbonising the built environment if we are to meet our net zero commitment.

“Moving to a war effort means drawing on all the government’s powers to solve this national challenge. We welcome the EAC’s target of 2.5 million annual efficiency installations by the end of the decade, and we urge the government to consider UKGBC’s recommendations, such as incentivising energy performance through the tax system and mortgage market and setting new standards to guarantee new build homes are net zero carbon.

“Like any war effort, making the right choices can save lives: energy efficiency can prevent a range of illnesses and conditions to save the NHS £1.4bn and 10,000 lives a year.

“The UK building industry can and will meet the challenge, but only if government commits to the long-term policies, training and investments that our members and their workforces urgently need to deliver on this national mobilisation.”