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MVHR system cuts heating bills by a quarter

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altThere are few better examples of the benefits provided by an MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) system than that of the Kwan household in Ipswich. The property illustrates many of the issues associated with modern homes which, despite being designed to current Building Regulations, often fail to live up to homeowner expectations.

In the case of the Kwan household, that meant minimum energy efficiency and ongoing issues associated with condensation caused by lack of ventilation.


Save money with Marshall-Tufflex’s new Power Factor Correction units

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altEnergy saving specialist Marshall-Tufflex has launched a range of Power Factor Correction systems which will reduce your power bills and carbon emissions by improving the operating efficiency of electrical systems.

The units utilise high quality, reliable capacitors to improve the efficiency of your electrical supply at industrial locations through restoring power factor to as near unity as is possible by reducing the effects of reactive power on a site’s supply. This lowers bills because energy suppliers charge for reactive power. It also reduces carbon emissions and improves the quality of power, prolonging the lifespan of equipment, helping avoid voltage drops over long cable runs and increasing the capacity of a local electricity network.


Solartech brings solar power to the Saints

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altOne of the UK’s leading renewable energy specialists, has installed over 200 solar panels at Northampton Saints Rugby Club, making it one of the most sustainable and energy efficient major sports stadiums in the UK.