Pipe Center and Climate Center expand team to support green technology

Environment UK Pipe Center and Climate Center

Pipe Center and Climate Center are expanding their central technical team to support expansion into new market sectors and the introduction of renewable technologies.

The enlarged technical team will provide a single point of contact for customers on major projects and tap the in-depth product experience available across Pipe Center and Climate Center and - where relevant - the wider Wolseley UK.

The technical team will support the accelerating roll-out of renewable products by Pipe Center and Climate Center, providing information on product specification and performance.

It will also provide specialist technical support for the growing FM market, to enable those responsible for the maintenance of buildings quickly to source replacement products – or suitable alternatives – to ensure facilities continue to operate efficiently.

“One of most important differentiators in the market – and highly valued by customers – is the quality of technical information and support. I am proud that the experience and knowledge we have at Pipe Center and Climate Center is second to none,” says Scott Craig, sales and marketing director.

“This latest expansion involves significant investment in people, resources and training to ensure that we are not only up with the curve, but ahead of it. We believe it is vital that customers have the knowledgeable support they need to win business and help their clients reduce energy and carbon, and adopt sustainable solutions.”

An important aspect will be to gather, distil and distribute throughout the business updates on new products and technology as soon as they become available, ensuring everyone is up to speed and able to keep customers informed.

Martyn Simpson, who heads the technical team, says: “It is an exciting time to be in the industry. There are constant advances in technology and new approaches emerging. We will act as a central clearing house, to bring order and clarity to ensure customers and our own teams are fully aware of developments – and how they can benefit.

“While new products may promise a lot, there are often pros and cons to be aware of. We will be doing our own evaluations and training branch staff on the issues and how best to help customers.”

The technical team will also monitor the rapidly changing legislative landscape, and keep track of developments in government policy and incentives.