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HWM exhibiting radio-tech range of energy & environmental monitoring systems

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Radio-Tech’s market-leading wireless energy monitoring ranges will be exhibited by HWM at upcoming shows The Energy Event, Low Carbon Expo and Energy Solutions. Visitors will be introduced to the company’s Observe™ and Economise™ systems, which are made up of products such as the award-winning Ecosense™ combined temperature and humidity sensor.

Radio-Tech, leader in wireless telemetry and remote monitoring systems, is now a part of Halma Water Management (HWM-Water Ltd). The two entities had previously worked together on a number of projects and products, and the new company structure will allow the Radio-Tech systems to benefit from even greater support.

Visitors will be able to see how the company’s wireless telemetry, sensing and datalogging expertise can help to easily measure, record and analyse the energy consumption and allocation of resources. Radio-Tech’s Observe™ range, which focuses on environmental monitoring, has been designed to meet the Energy Saving Trust’s specification as outlined in: “Evaluating energy and carbon performance in the ‘Retrofit for the Future’ demonstrator projects”. The Observe™ system makes the whole process easy and simple, and even works seamlessly across multiple sites and projects by providing a web-based interface for remote data access and analysis.

In the drive for businesses to reduce costs, wastage and environmental impact, accurate and easy monitoring of energy usage and building performance conditions is essential. The Economise™ system from HWM uses modular component sensors and remote telemetry to form a network of measurement points and parameters – from temperature and humidity levels to localised consumption of water, electricity and gas. This data is then routed through a centralised data collector, all completely wirelessly, which stores the information and acts as a secure server for data access and assisted analysis from the internet.

The use of high-quality hardware and custom-designed software means that the system does not require field programming (it automatically detects nearby devices), is remotely accessible through a variety of communication platforms, and can even be configured entirely by SMS.

HWM has over 30 years of experience in data logging and water management, and is considered one of the foremost experts in water leak detection and remote monitoring in the world. The addition of Radio-Tech’s environmental and energy focused technologies fits in well with the company’s goal of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to help its customers use their resources more effectively and efficiently.