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The New Catalogue of Pyroelectric Detectors Now Available

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The new Infratec (Germany) catalogue edition for the sensor division is now available. According to Infratec's product portfolio extension, in their catalogue you can now find data sheets and circuit examples of the new single channel detectors LME-336 and LME-352 with very low power consumption. The group of multi-colour detectors has been extended to include the miniature 2-channel detector LIM-102 in TO46 housing and the 3-channel detector LIM-253 in TO39 housing. Detectors with the tunable Fabry-Pérot-Filter have been extended to now include the long-wave option LFP-80105.

As before, you will find a complete knowledge base about pyroelectric detectors in the pyroelectric library. The chapter “Basics and Application of Variable Colour Products” has been fundamentally revised. It now includes extended information about spectral characteristics depending on the wavelength, about the influence of Angle of Incidence (AOI) on the drift of the Central Wave Length (CWL) and the Half-Power Bandwidth (HPBW) of the Fabry-Pérot-Filter as well as about the dynamic behaviour such as response time, location dependence and temperature drift. You can read explanations about Offset-step response of typical detectors in fast temperature ramps in the chapter “Temperature Behaviour”. In addition, you can find useful information about an operations test in the chapter “Handling Precautions.”

To order the new catalogue please visit the following site: