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New initiatives in pollution risk management

E R Technical Services is pleased announce its continued development into new business areas, investing in new technology and materials to assist its customers with significant new innovation.

Many of the company’s customers carry out work in the commercial sector of the drainage market and are able to call on E R Technical Services’ vast experience to assist with the planning development and execution of bespoke solutions to what are often very challenging projects.

With a proven track record in the evolution of innovative initiatives, E R Technical Services has over recent months looked at a number of new projects that were initiated as a result of the occurrence of pollution incidents or in the light of an identified pollution risk.


By bringing together the company’s existing resources and investing in new technology and ideas, E R Technical Services now has on offer a range of new products and services that are ideally suited to identification of pollution risk, measuring and monitoring, as well as for the provision of a variety of solutions to any problems identified.

Both in the UK and on the wider international scale, commercial sites are usually required to provide and maintain procedures to assess and reduce the risk of pollution. E R Technical Services is developing solutions for each of the major issues these risk assessments commonly address.

What are those common risk factors? They include:

  • Containment: In most circumstances containment is the prevention of leakage of chemicals or pollutants in the event of an accident or major spill. By offering containment solutions E R Technical Services can be proactive in this area. The company’s range of solutions include: Storage solutions, spill management materials and retro fit flap valves, together with a means of isolating drainage remotely without requiring access to confined spaces.
  • Infrastructure: By providing a full survey package that identifies leakage in addition to structural condition assessment the client can have confidence in the condition of its existing infrastructure with particular emphasis on pollution risk, using scientific measurement solutions rather than visual inspection only. It also gives the client documented evidence when the existing infrastructure is without risk.
  • Measurement and control: Having identified the condition of a pipe network, the other primary areas where pollution and leakage can have significant impact is in chambers, oil separators and interceptors. If a company invests in oil separators it needs to be tested to ensure that the quarantined product cannot escape. European regulations exist that apply to this. E R Technical Services has invested in equipment that accurately measures any leakage in chambers and oil separators. This again will also provide documentary evidence and certification that meet necessary statutory requirements.
  • Emergency response: By maintaining a stock of specialist products and resources E R Technical Services is able to respond quickly to many incidents and the company is currently developing new ideas in this area.
  • Provision of non-disruptive infrastructure renovation: Having invested heavily over the last year in suitable equipment to survey, monitor and identify risk areas, E R Technical has also added various solutions to its portfolio to specifically address repair requirements. These solutions range the company’s standard stock materials as well as various other bespoke solutions that are available through a number of partnerships with suppliers to provide specific and targeted solutions.

“The range of services and solutions now available from E R Technical Services is,” according to Graham Evans, Managing Director, “growing almost by the day. Our ability to offer assistance, support and services for the investigation, monitoring and assessment of pipelines as well as the planning and development of pipeline and storage network infrastructure repair solutions comes not just from these new ideas but also from the basis that our team has many decades of experience in the buried services and utility field. It is this level of experience that often enables us to create the bespoke solutions that, often unusual, circumstances require.”