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TowerLight launch the first LED lighting set

VB-9 LED_chiusa

TowerLight Srl who manufacture the World’s largest range of Lighting Towers are set to unveil their very latest revolutionary development in environmentally sound lighting - THE VB9-LED.

“The launch of the VB9-LED lighting is one of our most important developments and we are proud to be right at the forefront in this exciting lighting evolution,” said Andrea Fontanella, TowerLight’s production manager. “The VB9-LED lighting tower is already with a leading UK rental organisation as part of their programme to introduce environmentally biased equipment in to their fleet”, added Andrea.

The VB9-LED, is a 9-metre vertical mast lighting tower fitted with energy saving LED lamps replacing traditional metal halide lights. LED lamps are made from robust polycarbonate, with no glass or bulbs to replace and have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, with a high resistance to breakage and explosion. An added benefit of using LED lamps is that unlike metal halide, LED lights will restart whilst hot.

Deploying a VB9-LED on a construction site, highway project or at an outside event, will result in immediate operating savings – just 150 watts of LED power consumption yields an equivalent illumination level of 400 watts of metal halide. Include the 70,000 hours of life of a LED lamp against the 6000 hours of a metal halide light and the economies of LED lighting become instantly apparent. Finally, metal halide lighting requires a system of electric ballast fitted into the lighting tower to operate properly. LED lighting completely dispenses with this requirement which means there are no complicated electronics to repair and maintain.

The VB9-LED is packed with environmentally slanted features. The VB9-LED incorporates a 170-litre capacity fuel tank with a running time between refuelling of 340 hours, an increase of a massive 435%, when compared to traditional lighting set. This means that operators are spared from refuelling each light once week to once a month. Powered by a state-of-the-art air-cooled diesel engine with 12V electric start and fitted into a whisper quiet sound proof canopy, the VB9-LED incorporates easy access for maintenance with large lockable doors.

The VB9 brings together genuine environment qualities in terms of reduced fuel consumption, lower transport costs, less noise pollution and low exhaust emissions, whilst continuing to maintain safe and proper lighting. A site manager can rely on only refuelling a VB9 once a month, resulting in fewer operators driving to or around a site on a frequent basis. TowerLight have calculated that this could reduce an operator costs for transportation of up to 25%, together with a potential saving of £300 (350 Euros) per month on fuel.

TowerLight Srl’s manufacturing plant for lighting towers is based in Villanova d’Ardenghi near Milan from where their lighting towers are distributed worldwide via a network of distributors. In the UK, TowerLight have a wholly owned subsidiary, TowerLight UK Ltd, based in Milton Keynes, England.