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With the summer weather finally here keep hydrated, save money and reduce waste with the reusable lifebottle and’s network of free refilling stations.

With 51 million plastic bottles thrown away every day in the UK alone, now is the time to ditch those bottles and get back to the tap. The scheme makes tap water more accessible on the high street.

A tap water map highlights participating cafés, pubs and shops enabling you to locate free tap water refills using your mobile phone or the Internet. When you’re thirsty, simply use the map to find a refilling station nearby, pop in and top up your bottle with refreshing tap water for free. have also designed a stylish, stainless steel reusable lifebottle. The vacuum insulation will keep your drink cold for up to 20 hours. Perfect for picnics and day trips.  Leave it in the car and your drink will still be cool when you get back. What’s more the lifebottle’s unique and innovative cap contains a special compartment for storing taptabs (flavoured effervescent tablets) so you can add some flavour to the water for only 9p.  A tasty drink that is great for encouraging kids to keep hydrated on hot days (and for adults too!).

As a not for profit organisation, puts all profits from the sales of the bottles towards; raising awareness of the damaging effects of bottled waters on our environment; expanding the network of refilling stations; and providing mains fed water machines for educational establishments.

The map and full product range can be found on our website